The past year, the Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) has seen a significant decline in the number of drugs handed in due to corona. Especially partydrugs like ecstasy were handed in less frequently, arguably at least partly because festivals were cancelled due to COVID restrictions. Compared to 2019 there is also a slight decline in the amount of MDMA contained within an ecstasytablet, something that has not happened in the past ten years.

The annual report 2020 covers the concentrations, adulterations, and other relevant information produced by DIMS in the past year, and in doing so forms a topical image of the Dutch drug market. Spread out over all Dutch provinces, the DIMS network encompasses 32 testing-facilities providing nation-wide coverage. Together with these partners, DIMS aims to create a clear insight into the Dutch drug market, and signal potential health risks to the public.

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