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DIMS Annual Report 2017 out now!

24 mei 2018

Utrecht, May 24, 2018 - Today, the DIMS Annual Report 2017 was issued. What substances were handed in at DIMS in 2017, and what did they actually contain? How does drug testing at DIMS work? What trends can be identified?

The infographic contains information about 12,000 samples submitted to DIMS in 2017. Noteworthy is that last year no regional warnings or Red Alerts were issued. Further, the number of NPS ( esp. 4-FA) handed in, decreased sharply. This was possibly due to the fact that 4-FA was banned May 2017. The avarge amount of MDMA in ecstasy further increased last year, now on average 167 mgs MDMA per ecstasy tablet. Check here the full report.

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