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In order to have your drugs tested, you must hand them in at one of our testing services. At the test service you can have drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, and many others tested. Often the drugs have to be sent to our laboratory. It will then take about a week before we know the results. You will have to call the test service yourself for the results. Drug testing is completely anonymous. This means that no one asks for your name, telephone number, address, or date of birth. Please keep in mind that it usually takes a week before you have the test result.

What does the testing service do?

To have your drugs tested, you must hand them in at the testing service. At the testing service there is a DIMS employee who will ask you a few questions about the drugs. The questions are about where the drugs were bought, when, what the price was and as if what the drugs were sold. During this conversation there is also the opportunity to ask questions yourself. You usually do not get your drugs back after the test, because the drugs are sent to our laboratory.

Below, and in the rules, you will read what more you need to know when visiting the testing service.

You can have XTC tablets and other drugs tested

At the testing serveice, you can have many different kinds of drugs tested. Examples of drugs that can be tested are XTC tablets, cocaine and other powders and tablets. Click here to see which drugs can be tested.

Where can I have drugs tested?

You can have you drugs tested at several locations. On this map you can find a testing service in your area.

Does drugs testing cost money?

Testing is free at most locations. Some locations will ask a few euro’s (€2-3) for a test.

Drug testing is anonymous

Testing is anonymous. This means that no one will ask for your name, telephone number, address or date of birth. Sometimes it happens that you introduce yourself by your name. Don’t worry, your name is not stored anywhere.

Will I know right away what is in my sample?

Usually it takes a week before your results are known, keep this in mind when visiting the testservice. In some cases, a testing service will be able to determine on the spot what’s in your sample.

How do I get to know my results?

About a week after submitting the drug sample, you can call for the results. For this you need a paper with the code that you will receive after visiting the test service and the phonenumber of the testing service which will also be on the paper. The code is needed to find the sample, so please store this code well. The codes are stored by us for 8 weeks, so you have 8 weeks to call back for the results. We can no longer find the result if you wait longer than 8 weeks to call.

What is the difference between a hand-in point (“inleverpunt”) and a test service?

A hand-in point is different from a test service. At a hand-in point, you deliver the drugs to a counter and there is no extensive conversation with a DIMS employee. You don’t really have a chance to ask questions here. It is also never possible to immediately give a result at a hand-in point, so you always have to wait at least a week for the results. An advantage of a hand-in point is that they are open longer than the test service. You can find hand-in points and testing services on the page ‘Testlocations‘.

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