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Given the fact that we are handling illegal substances, there are some very important rules to take into account. These conditions are important for you, but also or the DIMS employee helping you. Please ensure you know and follow these guidelines. It is very disheartening for a DIMS employee to have to turn you away, but when the rules are not being followed, we don’t have a choice.

Rules for drug testing

  • We only test for consumers
  • Bring no more than three drug samples, otherwise we won’t see you as a “consumer”
  • Make sure that per sample you only have one tablet, a maximum of one gram of powder, or a maximum of 10ml of liquid, otherwise we won’t see you as a “consumer”
  • Only complete tablets will be tested. No halves, quarters, or broken tablets.
  • A maximum of one sample will be send to the laboratory. Other samples can sometimes receive alternative results.
  • Only samples from the Netherlands can be tested (your own nationality doesn’t matter, only the origin of the drug)
  • DIMS is not obliged to give you a result

No rights can be gained from the results

Neither the DIMS employees, the facilitating organization, nor the laboratory can be held accountable for the consequences of drug-use in any way shape or form.

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