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In order to have your drugs tested, you had to make an appointment in advance during the last lockdown. Now that the rules have been relaxed, you can visit some of our locations again without making an appointment. You can find our locations and whether or not an appointment is needed on this page.


During Christmas and Newyears our lab is closed. Because of this, DIMS can analyse less samples. It can also take longer before you have your results. Make sure to plan ahead if you want to test your drugs.

  • Wil je voor de feestdagen drugs testen: zorg dat je ze in de week van 5 December langsbrengt bij een testservice, In de week van 12 December is er minder lab capaciteit, en rond kerst is ons lab helemaal dicht.
  • Wil je in de tweede helft van December toch drugs testen? Dan zal je langer op een uitslag moeten wachten dan je van ons gewend bent.
  • In de eerste weken van januari moet het DIMS werken met beperkte capaciteit. Dit betekent dat niet alle samples een labuitslag zullen krijgen. We geven hierbij prioriteit aan drugs die het grootste risico vormen.


Since the end of October 2020, we have analyzed several hash and weed samples that were found to be contaminated with the synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-4en-PINACA. Serious side effects can quickly occur after using this contaminated hash and weed. By default, the DIMS is not allowed to analyze cannabis, so users can only have cannabis samples tested at DIMS that have been used with adverse effects.

Effects and risks

The polluted samples hardly differ in appearance from unpolluted hash or weed. However, the effects of MDMB-4 and PINACA are much stronger than those of THC, the active ingredient in hash and weed. For example, after using very small amounts of the synthetic cannabinoid, balance disorders, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and cardiac arrhythmias can already occur. This can also result in rapid loss of consciousness, or in agitation, violent and/or psychotic behaviour. Also, several deaths associated with MDMB-4and-PINACA have been reported in other countries in recent years. There are currently no known deaths or life-threatening incidents involving hospitalization in the Netherlands. However, some users reported dizziness, extreme anxiety and panic-related complaints after using only very small amounts.

What is the advice for users?

Especially during this corona crisis, the use of drugs is unwise. Are you still using? Then be extra careful with the use of hash and weed. Take less than you normally use, for example one puff of a joint, and then wait for about 10 minutes. If you notice strange or unexpected effects and suffer from unpleasant side effects, stop using it and seek (medical) help if necessary. Have the sample tested afterwards at the DIMS. Consumers of cannabis or other drugs can download the Red Alert app so that they are immediately informed of the latest developments in the field of various extra risky drugs.


In 2021, the Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) received 10,302 drug samples. More than half of these consisted of ecstasy tablets, as can be seen in the DIMS Annual Report 2021. Dutch Ecstasy tablets are notorious for being very strong because of the extremely high dose of MDMA. In 2021, just like in 2020, the MDMA content is ecstasy tablets has decreased compared to previous years. This does not mean that use of these tablets entails no risks, says researcher Ruben Vrolijk. “By any objective measure, ecstasy tablets still contain a very high dose of MDMA.” The DIMS annual report 2021 covers the concentrations, adulterations, and other relevant information produced by DIMS in the past year, and in doing so forms a topical image of the Dutch drug market. Spread out over all Dutch provinces, the DIMS network encompasses 32 testing-facilities providing nation-wide coverage. Together with these partners, DIMS aims to create a clear insight into the Dutch drug market, and signal potential health risks to the public. Click here for the annual report 2021
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